Saturday, 23 July 2011

A Rare Phenomenon

I'm probably going to jinx it now but today is a rarity, my second day off in a row! I only think this has happened once before and although I absolutley love work it's nice to have the occasional break! These last few days have been fairly hectic. I met my friend Sophie on Wednesday for coffee. She had a job interview on Thursday at a primary school in Shrewsbury that unfortunatley she didn't get. It's such a shame because she deserves it! Not only is she lovely and gorgeous she's bloody qualified too! But thanks to David Cameron the rate of unemployment for people in our age group has grown!
This has been quite a general post so I'm going to add in the fact that I'm heading down South in early August. (Not sure if I've mentioned this already.) It's been too long since I met up with my friends, but I'm also looking forward to seeing my family, especially my Dad. I've been working on his birthday present so that it's extra special this year. I won't write it down in case he finally gets his bum in gear and goes on the computer!
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