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Book review: Angelology by Danielle Trussoni

AngelologyAngelology by Danielle Trussoni
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Angelology by Danielle Trussoni

Although I've given this book two, it's more two point five, but I was so disappointed that I thought I round down rather than up.
I was recommended this book by my Aunt, who is usually a genius when it comes to giving me good books but with this one, it got worse as it went along. It recovered itself a little bit at the end, but when I was reading a book, within a flashback, I was ready to give up!
The first problem with this book, is that Trussoni cramms as many long, intelligent words she can in each sentence. It's as if she's showing off her vocabulary, but really it's completely unnecessary and it makes it harder to read.
When I started I thought it was going to go well. I liked the characters of Evangeline and Verlaine and I was intirigued by the mysterious letters. However it went back sixty odd years, in the mind of a senior nun Celestine. That's when it lost me. What could have been done as several conversations took up the middle of the story and what made it worse was that the interesting bits (like the expedition to get the lyre) were shorter than the boring 'talky' bits. Then I found I was reading a translation by one of the characters! That was unnecessary as well! It could have been shortened, or it could have just been the paragraphs that were essential to the plot. In fact, the whole flashback could have been a separate book, and I wish it was.
When we came back to modern times, it did get better. We were back on track, even if the way the characters spoke was a little iffy. Trussoni also introduced a load of characters that weren't needed and just complicated things as I tried to remember what everyone looked like.
I will admit, I was surprised by the end, but the journey, wasn't really worth it!

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