Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Driving Me Crazy!

Women learning to drive is becoming a bit of a joke in my family. My Mum can't drive because she was told that she couldn't steer by her instructor. My Aunt can't drive because she couldn't pass her test and my Nan can only drive a tractor. As you can see, it's not looking good. Unfortunately learning to drive is going to be a necessity. I regularly finish work at ten 'o' clock and although my Mum's partner comes to pick me up whenever he can (which is most nights), it's not fair for him. Especially on the weekend when he wants to unwind and relax. It will also be great when the snow hits, as I expect public transport to grind to a halt and when I travel down South to see my friends and family. So I took the plunge and booked up my driving lessons with a company called Zoom Zoom. I've now had two lessons with my instructor Shaun. For a start, he is a really good teacher, or coach, as he prefers to be called. He encourages independence, and only uses the other controls if necessary. So far, only once! He's also incredibly patient which is what I need! My brain has a habit of freezing up when I'm trying to do too many things. In fact I didn't realise how much the driver has to do! Steering, pedals, indicators, looking where you're going and checking the mirrors. I have no idea how drivers talk or sing as well as driving, let alone eat, or go on their mobile phones! Doing anything but driving should be made illegal! After my second lesson, two big problems have become apparent. The first is that my steering leaves a bit to be desired. It seems like I'm taking after Mum! I over steer, which I'm blaming Dad for, so it takes me a while to get straight again. The second problem is how much pressure I put on the accelerator. It is so sensitive, that sometimes I don't even realise I'm putting any pressure on it. Thankfully, (and hopefully) these things can be sorted out. Shaun has told me he's expecting me to drive home next Monday, which has made me both nervous and excited. It's such an achievement, but I can't wait until I'm able to drive like it's second nature! Hopefully all this worrying will pay off!

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