Sunday, 24 August 2014

Tomorrow's World

Years ago, scientists predicted that by 2014 we would have robots doing all our household chores for us. They would keep our houses clean, cook for us and generally be a welcome companion. According to Back to the Future 2 next year we're to have Jaws 19, self tying shoes and hover-boards.
Today's Daily Prompt asks me what I would get a robot to do for me. Unfortunately for you, I'm quite boring in my response. I would have my robot do the hoovering, walk the dogs and do the dreaded washing up, all of the things I hate doing. Laundry I would happily do myself as I find folding quite therapeutic. When my parents went away I discovered that life is busy enough without housework!
As for other responsibilities I would quite happily continue to do my own homework, stage managing and volunteer work. I do all of those because I want to.

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