Monday, 7 March 2011

Book review: I Am What I Am by John Barrowman

I Am What I AmI Am What I Am by John Barrowman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I Am What I Am by John Barrowman

Having read Anything Goes I was excited to find another Barrowman autobiography. My only concern is that he'd pretty much covered his whole life in the first book, what was left to talk about?
However, I didn't have to worry, it was great, full of entertaining stories and memorable moments and opinions. I loved the 'table talk' sections about what the Barrowman's would discuss around the dinner table and I really enjoyed reading the lists relevant to each chapter. As always the pictures were great and the writing was high quality and a joy to read. I found myself laughing out loud and nearly crying when he was talking about his dog dying.
The only thing that got on my nerves, were the footnotes. They must have been in the other book, but this time it was annoying to keep checking down the bottom of the page. I also found him a little annoying. I love John Barrowman, I'm a massive fan of Torchwood and I know his personality, but there were some points were I felt a little sorry for his family and his partner.
Overall, four stars, not as good as Anything Goes but still a brilliant read.

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