Thursday, 16 June 2011

CSI Oswestry

Tonight, me and Mum went to CSI Oswestry, a local event held by Shropshire Libraries and Booka Bookshop in town. There were two parts to the evening, the first was a talk by Elly Griffiths (right) one of my favourite authors! Following her was Paul Beeton, a CSI who worked in Shropshire. Unfortunately, I have no picture for him. I did take a picture of his amazingly cool van, it had Forensic Investigation written across the side and a big picture of a thumbprint in a magnifying glass. However, I can't get it off my phone! Grrrr! You'll just have to trust me that it's awesome.
Elly was lovely to listen to. Her books about Dr. Ruth Galloway, Forensic Archaeologist are excellent. I love the fact that she manages to talk about love and murder and still throw in a twist at the end. She discussed her inspirations and answered questions about her writing style and ideas. Her new book is due out in January. Can't wait! I might have to make an exception in my book ban haha! At the end she signed my copy of The House At Sea's End.
Paul Beeton was also excellent. His first bit of information was that we live in a murder hot spot. Oswestry has the most murders in Shropshire by far apparently! He discussed the TV shows like CSI and how unlike the real world they actually are. Most of it was pretty much common knowledge, but it was interesting to hear it from his point of view. It certainly gave me some ideas about my own books!
All in all it has been a great night. Tomorrow, I'm travelling down to Sussex and then Dad's coming up for a few days, so there probably won't be another entry in a while unless I can get Nan's Wi-Fi up and running! Fingers crossed!  

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