Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Dad's Visit

These last few days have been exceptionally busy. Normally my life is dull, well, it is according to my friends haha, but on the weekend I went back down South to visit some loved ones and then on the Sunday, my Dad (left) came up with me to see where I live.
On the Monday, we went to Llangollen, a lovely little tourist town just over the border into Wales. There's a fantastic river that rushes through it, as well as a train station and a canal where you can go on a narrow boat ride. The reason why I love the place is because it's full of little delicatessens and touristy shops. You can get horseradish cheese there that is simply to die for! So I spent a load of money on food haha and we had a lovely lunch in one of the little cafes by the river.
After leaving Llangollen town centre, we went to Valle Crucis Abbey (pictured to the right). It was only a five minute drive away, but was situated in the middle of nowhere. The place was completely empty, which surprised me because it was a wonderful thing to see. Obviously some kids from the next door campsite did too because there were a few beer bottles lying around. The front of the abbey, and the ruins that remained were amazing. It's hard to believe that a building built so solidly is now in ruins. The people that now own the abbey have restored some of it, which I think was a bit of a disappointment, because it was shoddily done, the ground was uneven and there was no beauty in it. What did remain was incredible to see and after watching and reading Pillars Of The Earth (completely unrelated I know!), I now know more about monks and how they would go about their day to day activities. It's easy to picture them roaming about the now desolate abbey. If you ever go to Llangollen it's definitely something to see!     

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