Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Chickens are mean... OFFICIAL

Now that my mum has a job, there are quite a few days where I'm left on my lonesome to get on with things. Today is one of those days. Mum often asks me to do a few things around the house and the garden. One of those things is to collect the eggs that Miranda and Mavis lay every day. So, at any point after 10:30am, I go down there, collect the eggs and put them in the tub we are currently using to store them. It sounds simple and normally it is, I've done it half a dozen times.
Today though, was a different matter. I opened the gate, walked in and used the wiring to fasten the gate on the other side. I made sure it was secure, double checked even, then I went to the chicken house to get the eggs, being careful not to bang my head. All was going well when a sudden gust of wind came along and the gate to the chicken coop flew open. I ran as fast as I could to the gate to close it before any chickens could get out, but I wasn't quite fast enough. Cristina managed to escape. So I spent a good twenty minutes chasing her around the garden. She went underneath the shed next door and started to giver herself a mud bath. Everytime I got near her, she would flap so I couldn't pick her up. Knowing the simple 'chase and grab' routine wasn't working I thought I would lure her to me, so I picked up the chicken feeder from the inside and put it down near me, hoping she would come over to it and then I would grab her. Needless to say, it didn't work.
Eventually, I managed to guide her around the back and then put her over the fence in the extra section of the chicken coop that we don't use. Cristina was in! Hurrah! Now I'd go and enjoy my cup of tea after I put the feeder back. That was my mistake. You have to lift the feeder with two hands, so after I'd opened the gate I had to lift the feeder, then shut the gate before any more chickens went rogue. Did I manage it? No, of course not. Out popped Miranda, who is possibly the biggest chicken I've ever seen. She wasn't as bad as Cristina, she didn't go off hiding, but she still flapped constantly. She kept shoving her head through the fence to try and get back in, but obviously she couldn't get through. Finally, I picked her upm, slung her over the fence and left. There you have it. That is why chickens are officially mean!

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