Friday, 13 May 2011

Heigh-Ho, it's off to work we go (hopefully)...

Things might have just turned around on the job front! Going to this Routeway Training Programme seems to be paying off. I've got a job interview next Friday at a care home in Oswestry. From what I can remember it's the first interview I've got since I've been living in Weston Rhyn. The first one where they've actually looked at my application and narrowed me down for an interview. The only time I came close to a job was an open day for the new McLarins building.
Part of me is mega-excited about the idea that I could be working very soon, but the other part of me is as nervous as hell! Plus it's been great to meet people around my age group at Routeway. I know I'll have to move on eventually.
Even if I don't get the job, getting this interview has been a great reassurance. Sometimes when you don't hear back from an employer it makes you feel useless, like all the stuff you've done so far in your life doesn't amount to anything. It's good to know that what I've learnt and my experiences are giving me a chance.

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