Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Heatwaves and Brainwaves

I am currently at Oswestry bus station waiting for the 2A to take me back home. For only the second time this morning I did an 8-2 shift and now, I'm completely nackered. It didn't help that the dogs woke up at five-thirty this morning. When I got to the kitchen (at six thirty, I'm not that mental), they were both completely crazy. I'd never seen them more excited, running back and forth, chucking the ball in the air. Normally when I get there (and that's not very often) Blackie becomes attached to you until you give him food and Spot looks like he's got a hangover. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. My point is, that there is seriously something wrong with the world at the moment. In the immortal words of Phil Collins: 'I can feel it coming in the air tonight'.
The thing that's coming, or rather, is already here, is the heat. It's too hot. Walking from the bus stop to work at half seven this morning was bad enough let alone being stuck inside the stuffy rooms at Fairholme. There's no air in the building, no breeze, it's just stilted and muggy. It makes everyone sleepy, headaches and illnesses worse. Now that I'm out still at the bus station by the way, it's not so bad. But I long for an ice cold shower.
On a side note to my best friend Kieran, who normally reads this. Thank you for the answerphone message. But do you really have to make them so bloody long haha! He has a tendancy to make them a one sided conversation telling me about everything from the weather to how work's going. Although normally he's asking me to remind him of something we discussed in our last conversation, like when I'm coming down South. It's this Friday by the way.
Anyhoo, I'm going out with Sophie tonight, for a drink and dinner. Some girly time is very much needed! Much love xx
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