Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

You would think that I would be used to travelling on public transport by now seeing as I do it with regularity. I get the bus to work and I get three trains and the tube every few months when I go down South. Nevertheless it never seems to be the same and the several theories I have about travelling are always proved wrong.
I'm currently on a Virgin train back home (to Chester specifically, where I change for Chirk). My first theory is that travelling in the evening is quieter. Last year I was surrounded by an arty-farty group of people who thought everything was hiLARIOUS and would laugh several decibels above the norm. Tonight I'm surrounded by kids, half of them are quizzing eachother on Harry Potter (they're rubbish by the way! They don't know half of the answers), the other half are literally squealing and screaming! It is definitely not quieter to travel at night.
The second theory, which I'm glad has been proved wrong is that once there's a cockup, everything goes down hill. Well tonight the family with the screaming kids stole my seat, so I moved back a row. I was busy worrying that I ha stolen someone else's seat when this gorgeous guy came towards me and put his bag in the overhead compartment. Then he (and his lovely smell, may I add in a non-pervy way) sat down next to me :) I am one happy bunny! Oh and btw, his name is Stuart (I think, not that I'm earwigging or anything!)
Much love as always! Xxx
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