Monday, 6 January 2014

Ode To Tina Turner

Thinking can sometimes be dangerous. Today's prompt asked me where and when I do my best thinking. But what does best mean? Thinking most clearly, the best ideas, the most thinking...?
I am under no illusion that I am definitely a night owl. I'm dead to the world until about seven, then I suddenly perk up, can't stop talking and my brain seems to overflow with ideas and thoughts. It is not unknown for me to stay up until the early hours of the morning working on a new story, or even jotting down notes. Then, when I attempt sleep it doesn't come at all, my brain is still churning from the activity. Sometimes, to get myself to sleep I tell myself the next part of the story. In the morning, I can sit and stare at a blank page for ages, willing for inspiration to come and it never does. But night is also when the demons come out. I worry about things, over analyse conversations and actions I've taken throughout the day. Or I worry about what's to come. I used to keep a diary to offload these thoughts. Maybe it's a practise I should start again.
Another good time for thinking, for me, is on public transport. On the bus I used to read, but now I find I think, staring out of the window. Again, I'm working on characters, or the opening of a new chapter, or I play out scenarios in my head. To be honest, whenever I am on my own it doesn't take much for me to get lost inside of my own thoughts. And as I said before, sometimes this is dangerous.
All I've learnt from this post, is that I simply think too much. So although I know Simply The Best time for me to think, and be constructive, I need to spend less time in my head, and more time in the real world. Although it's much less fun.

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